Hello! I am Leah Samuels, creator of Moonlight Offerings. I am enthralled with the ancient language of astrology, and am grateful to have discovered this unique gift. Astrology gives voice and validation to our experiences and struggles. It paints a holistic picture, and serves as a soulful expression of our lives. I approach your astrology chart with a lunar lens, working as an intuitive guide through the phases and transitions life brings.

As a queer feminist astrologer, artist, and educator, I participate in individual & collective transformation through these creative mediums. I am passionate about painting, social justice, magick, many shades of lipstick, and my fluffy grey cat. 

I trained under the brilliant author & late astrologer Kelly Lee Phipps and completed the Tao of Astrology course. I studied Visual Art, Education, and Contemplative Psychology at Naropa University and Art Education at MSU Denver. I currently reside in Denver, Colorado where I teach astrology workshops at the mile high witch shop, Ritualcravt, and read the charts of many beautiful souls, locally and long distance.

Westword's Best of Denver: Best Astrologer

So I need to shout through the roof how amazing & reaffirming & beautiful & safe & glorious it was to visit with Moonlight Offerings. Leah Samuels is fantastic and I HIGHLY SUGGEST EXPERIENCING HER VIBES.” - JLW
Leah has helped me tremendously with understanding my current situation, and how things could play out in the future. She’s brought clarity to the issues I have been struggling with in my personal relationships, how to move forward through them, and helped me have the confidence to launch my own business. She’s one of the most understanding and caring people I’ve ever met, and I foresee myself as a lifelong client. - MP
My recent astrological chart reading with Leah Samuels was so uplifting. Her words guided me into my spiritual world and helped me travel deep into my soulful self. She was so thorough and gentle. It’s very evident that Leah has studied the astrological and spiritual world in depth. I truly believe that Leah has a special gift and I feel blessed to have spent time with her. - SM
Leah organizes group astrology lessons in a way that’s so informative and hands-on, and always makes sure everyone is on the same page before moving ahead in lessons. Throughout my years of formal education, I can safely say that Leah is by far the best teacher I’ve ever had. - ZH
I recently asked Leah for a general reading, and am so glad to have done so. Although I have studied my own chart and received guidance on reading it in the past, her intuitive flow kept surprising me with continually true and relevant insights, and was so much more in depth and specific than what I have read or heard prior. I was pretty vague and open about what I wanted to learn and she helped move me through aspects of lives and perspectives of myself that I find helpful and grounding. I am so happy to have connected with her and have been thinking about our session since, daily. Our session was only 30 minutes and we achieved so much depth. I look forward to connecting with her again. - GK
“Astrology classes with Leah are both light and deep - a combination of being super-accessible and also inspiring me to want to keep learning. Astrology has become a practical, grounded, transformational tool I use for myself and with my clients, and I look forward to further study with Leah because this really is a limitless, beautiful system and Leah so elegantly translates this wisdom into everyday life…I’m so grateful!”- LO
[My friend] loved the reading you just had with her. This ended up being the best birthday gift I’ve given, and I just wanted to say thank you. - SP
I had a PHENOMENAL chart reading with Moonlight Offerings. Like *whoa* Feeling so affirmed in my being, my path, and my lessons! Seriously, go get you some queer astrology in your life!- ML