She is lovely...She spoke, leaving me speechless many times. So much was confirmed and advised. I am in awe of and fascinated by what transpired. I slept earlier and deeper at night than I have in a long time. - ML

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Her intuitive flow kept surprising me with continually true and relevant insights, and was so much more in depth and specific than what I have read or heard prior. I was pretty vague and open about what I wanted to learn and she helped move me through aspects of lives and perspectives of myself that I find helpful and grounding. I am so happy to have connected with her and have been thinking about our session since, daily. - GK

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So I need to shout through the roof how amazing & reaffirming & beautiful & safe & glorious it was to visit with Moonlight Offerings. Leah Samuels is fantastic and I HIGHLY SUGGEST EXPERIENCING HER VIBES.” - JLW