⊙☾ New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

February 15th, 2018 ✦ 2:06 pm MT ✦ 27 degrees Aquarius

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius sits close by Venus, the planet of love & values, and Juno, the asteroid connected with partnerships. As this New Moon is in the collectively-oriented sign of Aquarius, it’s worth viewing interpersonal relationship dynamics on a personal and collective level. 

As sentient beings on this planet, in this current time, we each have hurt and joy that we carry forward from our pasts- some more than others. This perspective is powerful and asks us to consider that the way that we treat each other today can have intergenerational impacts on tomorrow. If you’ve experienced challenging or heavy emotional stuff during this #eclipseseason lunar cycle, it may be surfacing to get your attention and ask for extra care. We must be willing to sit with the hard stuff, so we can begin to heal these cycles within ourselves, or collectively. 

The New Moon aligns with the South Node in Aquarius, so this can serve as both a release and a renew. Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer who cleanses the past to create an intentional pathway for the future. Although it sometimes may feel like we will always be tied to the deeply engrained patterns of our past, change is always possible. This New Moon is a space of new possibilities. I encourage you to sit in the darkness for a moment. Drawing on the Moon's North Node in the bright sign of Leo, light a candle, and allow its spark of creativity to be your guiding light. 

A Solar Eclipse is an ideal time for visioning and intention setting. Set New Moon intentions that are cyclical and expansive. Whatever you hope for yourself, hope it for your community, too. Whatever you hope for your community, allow that to fill you up, too.