♥ Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Leo ♥

January 31st, 2018 ✦ 6:27 am MT ✦ 11 degrees Leo

This Full Moon is full of h e a r t.

We all have heartbreak. We all have origin stories from where it came. Some of these stories were shown to us preceding this Lunar Eclipse. I always feel incredibly energized before an Eclipse, because it’s a huge opportunity for healing. This time is also a culmination of what we have been working on since the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo last August. Eclipses are revealing- pay attention to the themes and dramas in your life that present themselves around this Full Moon. Some of what stands in the way of your heart opening may come up in order to get cleared out. Eclipses serve as a "reset", and they can break ingrained habits and emotional patterns. These deeply rooted issues can reside in repetitive relationship dynamics, or collective stories that have been conditioned through societal programming. 

Creativity, a trait associated with this Leo Full Moon, can be a disrupter of everyday norms, and a driver of social change. With Ceres conjunct the Moon, we have an opportunity to examine stories around feeling "broken" or "unworthy." Instead, choose a different way, and see yourself as whole. You are a story that continues to unfold. Every time you choose to be more loving toward yourself and others, this act erodes that which tells you otherwise. This has an amazing ripple effect. Each act of love in the present is a small step toward healing the past (or at least not unconsciously repeating it) Being loving doesn’t mean pleasing everyone, nor does it mean forgiving everyone that hurt you. Sometimes love is setting really strong boundaries. Allow this Full Moon to be an opening, an invitation to be more kind, more honest, and heart driven. This all presents an opportunity to engage with your life, your relationships, and society as a creative and collaborative act.

Heart Nurturing

Herbal Blend:

Hawthorne (Leaf, Flower + Berry) Self- Heal, Holy Basil, Red Rose Petals, Rosemary

Recommendation from Herbalist Raven Rose of Moon Medicines: "For the blend use equal parts of each herb for a total of 5 tablespoons of herbs to 1 quart of water. Pour hot water over the herbs and let sit for 40 minutes. Strain. After taking a shower pour the herbal bath over you from head to toe. Don't rinse and pat dry. This is a great bath to do before your full moon ritual"