Blood Moon Eclipse

July 27th, 2018  ✧  4 degrees Aquarius ✧ 2:20 pm MDT

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse serves as an emotional release. It's a shift in perspective, and a time to face our challenges in a brand new way. While this Eclipse is accompanied by several retrogrades, it means a lot of this work is internal right now. Mars Retrograde has us swimming in the collective air waves of Aquarius, naming & working with the fears, conditioning, and harmful narratives that keep us from growing into who we want to become. It's a time to shed what we've outgrown, and step more fully into who we are now, and who we are becoming. Uranus in Taurus points to the area in your chart that wants change. Yet, this comes up against the subconscious emotions that rear their heads during Eclipse Season. The Sun & N. Node in Leo suggests that we must love ourselves through our transformative processes. Maybe you need deep rest, to unplug, or a personal recharge- something that will serve your spirit. 

The Eclipse asks each of us to seek and use our unique creative power in relationship to collective narratives. What old stories and coping skills no longer serve you? Old habits may die hard, but the Lunar Eclipse is a great time to break them. It's also a good practice to recognize how far you've come, how many layers you've already worked through and healed. Offer up your fears for the Moon to hold, and for the Sun to devour- you may want to write a list and burn it under this Full Moon. The Sun in Leo is a defender of the heart. With Mercury Retrograde in Leo now, too, we can listen and learn how to become better versions of ourselves. We contain multitudes- pain & joy, beauty & sorrow. None of us are perfect, but since all of us are individual contributors to an ever-changing interconnected society- we owe it to each other to do our best. Confidence stems from authenticity, trusting yourself and your limits, knowing your strengths, and admitting where you still have room to grow. Listen to what your heart is needing right now and trust that the rest will follow. If you are seeking additional guidance, I am offering a limited number of discounted readings with the code ECLIPSESEASON. Book Your Reading 

Tarot Cards to work with: 

Strength & Star, 5 of wands & 5 of swords: 

Continue to believe in your goals & visions. Be willing to face the obstacles between you and them. Allow your conflicts rest & breathing room so you'll have the stamina you'll need. Choose what you engage with wisely.  

♥ Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Leo ♥

January 31st, 2018 ✦ 6:27 am MT ✦ 11 degrees Leo

This Full Moon is full of h e a r t.

We all have heartbreak. We all have origin stories from where it came. Some of these stories were shown to us preceding this Lunar Eclipse. I always feel incredibly energized before an Eclipse, because it’s a huge opportunity for healing. This time is also a culmination of what we have been working on since the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo last August. Eclipses are revealing- pay attention to the themes and dramas in your life that present themselves around this Full Moon. Some of what stands in the way of your heart opening may come up in order to get cleared out. Eclipses serve as a "reset", and they can break ingrained habits and emotional patterns. These deeply rooted issues can reside in repetitive relationship dynamics, or collective stories that have been conditioned through societal programming. 

Creativity, a trait associated with this Leo Full Moon, can be a disrupter of everyday norms, and a driver of social change. With Ceres conjunct the Moon, we have an opportunity to examine stories around feeling "broken" or "unworthy." Instead, choose a different way, and see yourself as whole. You are a story that continues to unfold. Every time you choose to be more loving toward yourself and others, this act erodes that which tells you otherwise. This has an amazing ripple effect. Each act of love in the present is a small step toward healing the past (or at least not unconsciously repeating it) Being loving doesn’t mean pleasing everyone, nor does it mean forgiving everyone that hurt you. Sometimes love is setting really strong boundaries. Allow this Full Moon to be an opening, an invitation to be more kind, more honest, and heart driven. This all presents an opportunity to engage with your life, your relationships, and society as a creative and collaborative act.

Heart Nurturing

Herbal Blend:

Hawthorne (Leaf, Flower + Berry) Self- Heal, Holy Basil, Red Rose Petals, Rosemary

Recommendation from Herbalist Raven Rose of Moon Medicines: "For the blend use equal parts of each herb for a total of 5 tablespoons of herbs to 1 quart of water. Pour hot water over the herbs and let sit for 40 minutes. Strain. After taking a shower pour the herbal bath over you from head to toe. Don't rinse and pat dry. This is a great bath to do before your full moon ritual"