Astrology Offerings


Birth Chart Reading

Your birth chart is a map depicting the location of the planets at the very moment of your birth. Leah has an innate ability to access the ancient language of astrology and apply this knowledge to your everyday life. Her intuitive interpretation of your chart is delivered with compassion and clear perception. Many report feelings of validation and clarity found in this healing exchange.

Seasonal Reading

As you evolve, the planets cycle around your chart, supporting your psychological and emotional development. The awareness of these movements, known as transits and progressions, helps us to rise to the occasion of our growth. This reading gives insight into how to best move forward with ease and relax into the natural changes that are occurring in your life.

Relationship Reading

Synastry means “to join the stars.” Each individual is born with a unique configuration of planets in their birth chart. This chart reading is an exploration into the love nature of the individuals participating in the relationship. It also explores the relationship’s “cosmic chemistry”, navigating tension, conflict, magnetism, and harmony within the chart.

LGBTQIAP+ Inclusive & Affirming


Lunar Reading

This intuitive reading focuses on the lunar cycles and nodes in your birth chart. Attention to your moon sign, house, and phase provides insight into your emotional and relationship patterns. This reading encourages you to advocate for and work with your unique emotional and relational needs. The Lunar Reading includes analysis of Black Moon Lilith's position in your birth chart, and supports you through your current lunation cycles. It assists with transitions and offers guidance on where to direct your healing focus.

Gift Certificate

Gift a friend, family member, or loved one a 60 minute Astrology Reading w/ Moonlight Offerings! Once purchased, you will receive a digital copy of your gift certificate in your inbox. Be sure to include your e-mail address when checking out. Contact if you have questions/special requests.

Parties & Events

Offer mini astrology chart readings to guests at your event! Ranging from small gatherings to large parties, 15-20 minute readings are provided. Each mini reading illuminates key points in the astrology chart and enhances the atmosphere by reminding guests of their uniqueness and divinity. Contact


Astrology Lessons

I was a teacher before I was an astrologer. It is a dream to combine these two passions and offer classes to you. Visit the Events page for astrology classes in Denver. Schedule a private lesson, or contact for inquiries about packages and availability.

Leah Samuels has been my preferred astrologer since I met her four years ago. I feel so fortunate to have found her. I feel that Leah’s work goes far beyond the norms of natal, transit, and progression readings. I would highly recommend Leah Samuels as an astrologer to anyone who is looking for a more introspective understanding of your life path through the cosmos. She rocks! - LS
Leah is an incredible astrology teacher and mentor. Leah has a unique and beautiful vocabulary that helps me see meanings in a new light. She answers questions lovingly, with patience, and makes every student feel special in her class. Every time I visit with Leah I leave feeling inspired an euphoric. I will absolutely be attending future workshops & classes!- DB
Had an absolutely fantastic reading today with Moonlight Offerings at Ritualcravt and I cannot thank her enough... I’m excited to work on making progress and opening up to parts of my soul that I knew were there but had yet to embrace. If you’re curious (or even skeptical like me) I’d suggest taking a leap and getting a reading. You might be surprised. - AD
What drew me in to approaching Leah for a reading, despite being out of state, was her dynamic perspective that was clear just through researching her work online. This carried true to our call appointment, where she offered not just insight, but a true dialogue surrounding the celestial events she could read; and the energies she could convey in a relatable way. Within mere moments of speaking on the phone I had already felt like I was talking to an old friend that knew me! It was remarkable. Her consciously intersectional approach is also very much worth noting; I’ve actually found it difficult to find readers that don’t still compartmentalize planetary energies into masculine/feminine/gender-role muck that feels so limiting to the actual multifaceted roles they each play in our individual experiences. I think it takes true artistry to break past that and tune in to metaphysical insights like Astrology using their full, transcendent purpose like Leah has - AX
Leah Samuels’ synastry reading of our charts was spot on. Not only did Leah’s interpretation validate my intuition on the matter, she also elucidated answers to questions that were on the periphery of my awareness. Leah had such a powerful sense of our charts; when I shared the notes of my reading with my boyfriend, he asked “You mean the only thing you told her was my birth date, birth hour, and place of birth?” Leah approached the reading with warmth and openness; she carefully explained important planets & aspects while emphasizing focus points to assist in moving our relationship to a higher level. I can’t thank Leah enough. I happened to find her website after doing a Google search and I am so happy I did. I have been using these facts to strengthen my relationship and be the best version of myself.- MJS
With so many changes in the world, it is hard sometimes to know which way is up. I had a phenomenal reading with Moonlight Offerings today which affirmed everything! Accurate, empowering, and so very timely. - AM